Cristiano Ronaldo has been playing with serious injury since 2014

Cristiano Ronaldo injury

In early 2014, Cristiano Ronaldo was diagnosed with a chronic knee condition called tendinosis. It’s a heavy injury that has no cure and gets worse over time. This injury is responsible for Cristiano’s sudden decline at 29, not his age. First I will explain the injury, then its impact on football with proof.

Tendinosis produces pain, stiffness and swelling in a tendon. However, it usually develops gradually as a result of long-term overuse – after many microtears over a long period of time. It is not inflammation, it is degeneration. There is a thing called ‘collagen’ which rebuilds your fibers after overusing them…Tendinosis weakens your collagen every time you use your knee. This means your knee cannot fully recover after exercise.

According to LaLiga Frauds, Cristiano Ronaldo has been playing with since 2014
According to LaLiga Frauds, Cristiano Ronaldo has been playing with since 2014 (Photo credit: AP)

This also means the weaker your collagen gets, the longer and more difficult the healing process. Basically, the more Ronaldo plays football, the weaker his knee gets regardless of age/diet/therapy/work ethic. His knee is literally degenerating every time he runs. He cannot stop or reverse the process. The best he can do is slow it down.

Ronaldo spent 6 hours a day working on his knee. These six hours aren’t even part of his other physical exercises or football practice. Just his knee six hours daily.

The best solution to the injury? (No cure yet) It is recommended to rest the knee for 8 months to completely heal this injury (and even then its not 100%, but maybe 95% healed). Tennis star Rafa Nadal had tendinosis and was forced to stay eight months out of tennis.

Eight months was not possible for Crisitano Ronaldo because he wants to play, and he would have missed most of the 14/15 season. However, if he rested it for even 3 months it would have made an improvement as the Real Madrid doctors said. Ronaldo denied and wanted to play the Uefa Champions League final and that summer FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Ronaldo used to score more free kicks, long shots and solo goals. In 14/15 all of those stats declined but his header goals increased massively.

Comparing the type of goals Ronaldo scored in the 2013/14 and 2014/15 seasons

This is proof that he started focusing on his heading ability because his dribbling is awful. Only 2 dribble goals.

His injury became a real issue after Real Madrid beat Bayern 4-0. So lets see how well he did in the year of 2014, BEFORE and AFTER, the Bayern game.

0 freekicks and 2 dribble goals in 6 months – before the injury, Ronaldo scored three freekicks and 10 dribble goals in only four months

Cristiano Ronaldo clashed with Payet on the same injured knee, forcing him to be stretched out of the final. This clash did not hit the same area where he was injured, but it damaged his knee ligament, making his knee overall weaker than before and the decline got worse…Ronaldo was the best most complete player in the world in 2013 before the injury even started.

This piece is credited to LaLiga Fraud on Twitter


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