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Dear sports fan, welcome to the Athletic NG

The recent outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic around the world has been very disturbing. Not only over 1.6 million people around the world have tested positive for the virus and also the hundreds of cases confirmed here in Nigeria, the effect this will have on the planet after we’ve conquered it is unthinkable.

Wherever you are reading from, I hope you are well and sound at your respective homes.

The virus has afforded the entire world a ‘forced break’ to think, to reconsider some of the things happening around us, and to inform us of what is most important in life, which is not football or any other sports.

To every average sports fan out there, he/she is in dire need of news about clubs, leagues and national teams, which appears to be our most valuable thing these days. Never did we ever imagine that we will be in a position of total lockdown with almost nothing happening.

This got me thinking, asking myself what is the thing I miss most during this lockdown. My family and loved ones are with me, but then I realized it is sports news.

Qualitative sports news about the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) and the madness that comes with the English Premier League and other top sports are top on my miss it items.

I decided to call some friends and colleagues who are passionate about sports development in Nigeria through the media and inform them of an idea that has been with me for years.

So, this morning, I woke up, sat on my desk, with a computer system after we’ve successfully built a platform that will change the narratives of sports reporting in Nigeria.

Dear sports readers, permit me to introduce to you, Nigeria’s premium sports news platform – THE ATHLETIC NG.

In the heist of this layoff, The Athletic NG is here to give full coverage of sports in Nigeria, be it football, basketball, track and field, boxing, cricket, badminton, wrestling, street football, and others a boost.

The Athletic NG will give its all to cover lost grounds in the reportage of sports in our country.

We want to be present at every sporting event in the country. We want to get in touch with every sports personality and supporter in Nigeria. We want to tell those stories you’ve always wanted to hear. We want to be different from others in our way of reportage.

Our platform will provide content that is rarely seen in Nigeria. We will introduce The Athletic Weekly Podcast, where we will discuss trending sports issues which will be downloadable on our platform for free; we will analyze matches and give our best possible predictions for the teeming betting community and we will go to streets and training centres to discover talents flooding our streets and give them an opportunity of joining a team in the league if they prove to be good enough.

To that fan who might be frustrated at times with how their favourite team is covered, the fan who wants deeper insight than they are getting now, the fan who wants to have a say in how the sports media landscape looks in Nigeria.

To that fan, we have a simple request: Take a chance on The Athletic NG, visit our website at, like our social media handles @TheAthleticNG, send us an email; send us your comments about our weekly podcast or topic for discussion and tell us about that emerging superstar in your street and we will give him/her the best possible coverage.

Our social media handles will have interesting topics for debates; do well to follow us on our handles to be part of the conversations.

Dear sports people, this is just the genesis, when we get to revelation, you will be filled with quality information and you be asking for more.

Thank you and welcome officially to The Athletic NG.

All for sports!

All for our Collective Humanity!!

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