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Footballers becoming billionaires plus NPFL podcast


Good morning all, it’s Friday already. The days are running fast like water, just a few days ago, it was Monday, now is the weekend. But that’s fine, because we need to wind down days looking at what is happening.

Everyone needs a break from the pandemic. It is good the world is opening up, but the virus is not yet defeated, in Nigeria, it has become a daily live score to check the NCDC twitter handle when it is 11.30pm.

I woke up to the news that Portuguese captain, Cristiano Ronaldo has added another layer to his seemingly endless achievements, this time, becoming the first footballer to earn a career $1 billion, that’s staggering and very impressive from the Juventus man.

He earns a whopping $650 million from football contracts alone, he has a lifetime contract with Nike, which pays him $20 million annually, and his underwear pays him millions of dollars as well.

Lionel Messi earns $104 million yearly, more than PSG’s Neymar Jr who receives $102 million and slightly behind Ronaldo who earns $105 millions a year.

According to Forbes’ Christina Settimi, Ronaldo is now No. 4 on the list of highest-paid celebrities—one spot above rival Lionel Messi. Kylie Jenner, Kanye West and Roger Federer rank one through three, respectively.

He is very rich, richer than politicians in Nigeria, richer than the President, richer than the Nigeria Professional Football League, NPFL, even CAF? Is he richer than the entire football structure in Nigeria? You never can tell, but that is the tales of Cristiano Ronaldo, some says he is the GOAT🐐, others argue he is not, but one thing is certain that he has matched his illustrious career on the pitch with riches beyond anyone’s imagination.

The story goes that he was begging for food when he started playing football on the streets, he was committed, never satisfied with what he had, always looking for more and the gods favoured him by having Messi in the same generation, the two has pushed themselves to the level I am not expecting any other to match.

Now, what is the moral in his story? He is very rich, but how many players in the NPFL who are receiving N1 million as monthly salary can boost of making good use of their money.

Ronaldo’s underwear business gives him millions of dollars, to add to his over $60 million he is receiving as wages every year and other endorsement contracts. Let us say, domestic players are not earning enough, but a country like Nigeria, only politicians are earning up to millions as salaries and allowances, people working with oil companies are also classified into that bracket, but civil servants are not close, businesses thrive but it may still not be compared to them.

The point I am driving home is that footballers are earning so much money in Nigeria, but it has not reflected on them. In a country that are struggling to pay a minimum wage of N30,000, and footballers are reportedly on a N250,000 minimum wage, they should live very well.

Someone is saying they are not being paid on time, some are being owed by the clubs, yes it is true, but how many teams are owing? Our players should be able to invest from the huge salaries they are receiving monthly and help the government in improving our economy.

I think I’ve made my point, let’s move to something else.

Yesterday, we recorded the first-ever football podcast in Nigeria, that is The Athletic NG Football Podcast, looking at the NPFL, how teams we’re performing before the lockdown and other things. It will be on the website later this afternoon and it’s going to make an interesting listening.

Come back to the site before 2pm, hopefully, you will be able to listen and download. Links will be available with a post notifying you of the podcast.

Thank you for reading, tomorrow we will return with a fresh blog, do not forget our football predictions and betting tips are still available, check back tomorrow morning for that. Last weekend, those who trusted our knowledge of the game smiled home. We have also introduced a STAR CHECK, linking up with Nigerian players abroad to know how they are doing.

Till then, have a good Friday.


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