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Introducing The Athletic NG football podcast

Listening to a podcast is becoming very interesting in Nigeria, might not be popular with some people but it is an interesting alternative to radio. Many Nigerians have grown to love listening to the radio, it wasn’t the case a few years back, someone said to me that people are naturally lazy to read, which is true and will prefer to listen to stuff than to read.

When we conceived the idea to build this website, podcast was one of the major features. For those who do not understand what a podcast is, let me take some time to explain this phenomenon.

According to Wikipedia “A podcast is an episodic series of spoken word digital audio files that a user can download to a personal device for easy listening.”

Now let me break it down, listening to podcasts is like listening to the radio, but this time, not a radio. A podcaster will record his ideas on a particular topic and upload to a website where you can listen to or download the file into your device. Meaning you have the option to listen at your convenience.

I’ve just heard someone asking ‘can I call in as we do with radio stations?’ I’ll say YES and NO. Yes, the technology is advancing and podcasters with this kind of equipment can tell you the time a podcast will be recorded, which he will provide a link for you to listen live. But at the same time, it is more convenient to send in your questions and topics for discussions.

Before any episode is recorded, a post will be made notifying listeners of the recording, then you send in your questions, topic for discussions and other stuff. Look, podcasts are very interesting and whoever listens to a podcast, I mean interesting ones, will have a wonderful experience to share. You just have to build interest and get ready for a bumpy ride.

In Nigeria, there are many podcast, but I am still looking for a podcast discussing football and other sports. The Athletic NG is poise to revolutionise sport development through the media, and we are putting every structure in place to achieve that. It has been very difficult to keep this blog running on a daily, but that is the target, the workload is on me to get it done and I am determined to do just that.

While introducing the idea of having a podcast, it will not be successful if we don’t have listeners and people to download, you have to listen and give feedback, when that happens, we will know how to adjust, tweak some things, maybe change the host, guests and a host of other things.

I have spent a greater number of years presenting programmes on radio, I may not be the best or may not even be considered good enough for radio, but the contents we will be creating with this podcast on sports in Nigeria will blow your mind. We will have interviews with players, coaches, football administrators, entertainers, media officers and of course our listeners. If you know you are good and can talk boldly and meaningfully, then tighten your seat belt, get ready because we will take you for a bumpy ride.

This Friday, we will have our first episode of the show, the recording will be done tomorrow evening, it will be a weekly podcast, but when the Nigeria Professional Football League, NPFL returns, we will be ready to have it twice a week. The two episodes will cover weekends and midweek matches, pre and post-match and everything that will happen in the buildup to a particular matchday. We are ready for you, I hope you are ready as well.

Football is returning in Europe this month, the Portuguese league will resume later today, the German Bundesliga is ongoing while the Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A are returning this month, we have complete fixtures of the major leagues in Europe which you can check it here.

I will leave it here for this morning, tomorrow I will return with a fresh blog for you to get into and how to send your questions and topics for the podcast which will be recorded tomorrow.

Till then, have a good one.


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