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Monday musing + change is constant

Monday Musing+change is constant - The Athletic daily

Hello everyone, it’s Monday. The last time I wrote this blog was on Wednesday which I informed you that The Athletic NG will be undergoing major changes and as you’ve seen, we’ve changed our interface, our post layout and the whole website is looking much more appealing than it was. This is to ensure that you and I have a reading pleasure anytime you visit the site to read our stories.

The current post layout allows you to read as many stories as possible without going through the hassle of opening multiple pages. As you are reading this blog, the last paragraph which will obviously be ‘Stay at home to stay alive’, you will also have the luxury of reading another story immediately after that without doing a thing. I think that’s great and will help us serve you better.

Change is constant and that is why we will keep revolving. Most of our posts will have two headlines, one will be the one you see on the home page of this site and immediately you open the story, you will have a little tweak to the headline which will be more explanatory. We are not trying to bring in any confusion but it is our way of exploring the different options that come with this theme.

Over the weekend, the Akwa Ibom State Government had issued a statement announcing that lockdown in the state will be ease, thereby giving people the opportunity to go out, do some business and make money. It is a big relief to the masses who depend on what they make to survive and also for the economy of the state.

The same measures are also in place in other states exception of few who are badly hit by the novel coronavirus pandemic. I mean, staying at home is not easy, but going out is now conditional as you must use a face mask for protection and also look at your watch, bearing in mind that curfew will take effect from 8pm to 6am.

I’ve seen people asking the benefit of the curfew at those odd hours. Ideally, people will retire to their homes in the evening, a typical atmosphere in Uyo is always very dry in the night and the security personnel should have been allowed to go on with their jobs as normal. People will say curfew will curb the rate of crime, agreed, but what happens to those who are living in the outskirt of the capital city who will not be protected by the curfew?

With what I’ve seen today, crowded places, banks, ATMs, markets, public transports still loading full passengers and other gatherings, we just have to pray this pandemic in the state is not as feared, if community infection begins, the state will need the divine intervention of God to survive.

Now, what is happening in the world of sports? It seems clubs in Europe are preparing themselves ahead of the 2020/2021 season with most leagues already decided to end the current campaign. PSG are champions in the French Ligue 1 after the season was voided and it seems other leagues are still exploring avenues to complete the season.

The English Premier League is still in discussion with authorities to have the league concluded and German Bundesliga is still exploring the possibility of restarting the season this weekend while the Italian Serie A is also looking for the possibilities of doing same.

It’s all good to have the season back on track because we missed a lot of it, but that must be done with the health of players in mind. They are not robots because of the huge wages they receive and reports of some players refusing to return to their clubs are disturbing. No one saw that one coming but I am sure that will be sorted out.

Here in Nigeria, the organisers are bent on completing the season and I support the decision. The title should not be awarded to the leaders, we have to maintain the integrity of the league, we will see games being played behind-closed-doors which looks like what will happen.

It is a concern that we will not have the league on TV until atleast next season, but until such time the government and health workers agree that it is safe enough to resume, then we stay put and remain calm. The organisers have instructed clubs not to touch the salaries of players and that is good, but private-owned clubs should be given priority and necessary support to remain in business.

It is still a misery why the government has not ordered the locally made COVID Organic from Madagascar which seems to be working for the East African country. Maybe they have ordered for it or they are in the process of doing that. The most important thing is to beat the virus and everything will return to normal.

Right, I’ll leave it here for now. I will be back tomorrow with a fresh edition.

Until then, stay at home to stay alive.


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