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Predictions, betting tips as German Bundesliga returns

German Bundesliga betting tips

Good morning and welcome to a very happy Saturday, it is a special day because the long awaited return of football is upon us and it is happening in Germany. Yesterday I wrote a blog on Nigerian players to keep an eye on in Germany, its quite an interesting list which will definitely excites you.

The return of football also gives The Athletic NG an opportunity to exercise one of it menu which is predicting what will happen in the matches and giving you betting tips to outsmart your bookmakers. If you have been looking for a platform that offers such tips, then you are very much welcome.

The betting tips will not be free, as it is an avenue for all of us to make residual income while enjoying watching your favourtite teams inflict damages to others, but don’t worry about the payment for now, because we will allow you enjoy these tips for ONE MONTH without paying a dime, at the expiration of the FREE window, it will require you to pay a monthly subscription of just N1,000.

I think that is fair enough to all of us, we are not just sitting at the comfort of our homes to bring these tips, we subscribe to other platforms with up to $40 (N15,600) and we compare what we have with what they are giving just to be sure that our subscribers stand a chance of winning every week. The arithmetic here is quite simple, we spend money to run the platform and you help us with your quota by subscribing with just N1,000.

This is what we intend to do, football betting to some people is not a good thing but at the same time, people are lucky with the options of selecting good odds, the mistake a lot of us make is to go for bigger odds with little amount of money and expect to win, it works for some people but as you know, it will not work for many. I am also not saying that our tips will help you win everyday, no, but in a month with all the options we will give you, we are confident you will be lucky and win within that period.

We are not ready to start this and people start subscribing with their money, no matter how little the money is, and are not getting the expected reward. We are not also responsible for the outcome of the games, our job is to predict matches, it is your choice to pick the ones that you believe will work for you, if it doesn’t in one way or other, don’t worry, keep trusting on the platform and try again. Your subscription last for a month, so don’t freak out at first attempt.

Like I mentioned earlier, the first one month is free to all, then after it will require your subscription to gain access to that section. Our news, this blog and other features are still open to all. You should understand that this is our business, keeping the website running and making sure you are comfortable and enjoy our content. So, please show support and encourage us to do more. Tell others that there is a place that will help them outsmart the bookmakers. Enjoy our predictions and betting tips.


Now lets look at the fixtures for this weekend’s Bundesliga matches which will start in just about few hours, if you are in Nigeria, the matches will be live on Startimes platforms, I am not sure the DSTV acquired the TV right to show the league, but if they do, goodluck to their subscribers.

This is going to be very different from whatever you have ever seen watching football, the experience will be very different because there will be no handshakes, goal celebrations will be done individually, social distancing will definitely not observed with the players making tackles and trying to defend or get past an opponent, it brings the question of why stopping them from shaking hands, celebrating a goal together as a team when they cannot avoid making contacts during the game itself.

My inner mind is telling me it is a bad idea to restart the season, it should have further been delayed till the health situation as regards to the coronavirus is tamed. Fingers cross, the health authorities have been consulted and given the green light before this football adventure begins again.



RB Liepziq vs Freiburg (2.30pm)

Ausburg vs Wolfsburg (2.30pm)

Hoffenheim vs Hertha Berlin (2.30pm)

Dortmund vs Schalke 04 (2.30pm)

Fortuna Dusseldorf vs Paderborn (2.30pm)

Frankfurt vs Monchengladbach (5.30pm)


FC Koln vs Mainz (2.30pm)

Union Berlin vs Bayern (5.00pm)


Bremen vs Leverkusen (7.30pm)

That’s all from me, let us see how this goes. Till tomorrow.


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