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Redemption + a chance to win N250k


Your blogger Nsidibe Akpan is contesting for N250,000 in an online contest, Rt. Hon. Aniekan Bassey – Youth Entrepreneurship Support Scheme (RHAB-YESS )

Sundays are quite different these days. It was always a day of the Lord, but today, it has become a day of sleep for some people who ordinarily will have nothing to do. I am jealous of that kind of leisure but that won’t put N250,000 in your pocket.

Talking of money, let me, first of all, apologise for my inability to write this blog in the past week, is it because I am lazy? Am I not good at doing this? I don’t think so, but you can have your own opinion on that, it’s okay. I have been very inconsistent like my darling team, Arsenal, but like the Londoners, they look a different animal since Mikel Arteta arrived for the second time. So, let’s hope Artera has arrived here.

Yesterday, I had nothing of football, it is good to say that after not being able to speak on watching football for such a long time – how long is that Marizona? – it’s been 77 years since we last watch a football league match. Quick update: the German Bundesliga returned last week, ooooh! My bad guys, Marizona is coming from another universe, an alternate universe.

I was on Twitter last night and saw Jadon Sancho trending and immediately, it came to my mind that we had a football league currently going on in Europe. How can I forget that, is that not my job to know that football is here, to predict games and give you betting options and also inform you of which Nigerian player will be in action? My bad.

Since I have failed, it’s okay to say this guy is a f*cking cunt. Cunts can’t be trusted. Shame on me.

Alright, guys. I applied for an online entrepreneurial contest for a chance to win a prize of money of N250,000. I have to confess, as a blogger who is just out of the block, I need money to set things straight and to have better blogging experience. I am a graphic designer and a professional printer, in Nigeria that is how we call people who print things from computer to plate to printing machine to the finished article you’ve been seeing everywhere.

As a graphic designer, I do creative jobs, design logos, stickers, flyers, and what none creative people cannot do for a little fee. The presence of COVID-19 has hit the industry so hard because no occasion means no jobs, no job means no pay and no pay is a disaster. I saw the opportunity and immediately followed the process and register.

The opportunity is given by the Speaker of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, to help expand small businesses in my state (Akwa Ibom). It started this year, February, and never in the short history has the online contest ever experienced what it experienced last night. The three contestants which I am one of them pulled the kind of votes that even the organisers never saw that coming.

At the end of the contest which lasted just an hour (8pm-9pm), I had 568 votes (comments), that placed me third; the second person had 801 while the first person pulled a staggering 928 votes. I was left to hang and dry but as it has become part of man to cheat, some persons who voted for the winner did so repeatedly which helped in increasing his votes.

To cut this story short, the organisers detected the fraud and nullified the contest.

It has been rescheduled for today, May 24, 2020 by 8pm to 9pm on the RHAB-YESS (Rt. Hon. Aniekan Bassey – Youth Entrepreneurship Support Scheme) Facebook page. For the sake of emphasis, my name is NSIDIBE OFFIONG AKPAN – CONTESTANT B.

Dear readers, I know you might not always enjoy what I have been writing, but I am using this medium to solicit for your support by going to the page by 8pm, look for a post with my name NSIDIBE OFFIONG AKPAN – CONTESTANT B, and vote in the comment section (i.e I VOTE FOR NSIDIBE AKPAN or I VOTE FOR CONTESTANT B). The contestant with the highest number of comments will be declared the winner.

RHAB-YESS: Nsidibe Offiong Akpan - Contest B
RHAB-YESS: Nsidibe Offiong Akpan – Contestant B

Also, the winner will be given a cheque of N250,000. That is good cash to make. Look, there are features we will want to improve on this platform that needs money, this website is yet to produce any money, but we are looking for opportunities to help boost what we are doing. So, please show a little support by dedicating just 5 minutes of your time this evening to go to your Facebook and help me win this contest. The gap last night was too wide and I have another opportunity to try again.

That’s all from me today. Updates on the contest will be seen on The Athletic NG Facebook page and also on my Facebook timeline.

Till tomorrow.


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