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Restarting NPFL season in China

Restarting NPFL season in China

The LMC are considering restarting the NPFL season in China

Good morning guys, let me say the truth here, it hasn’t been easy waking up every day, after thinking all through the night about to write the next morning when actually, what I’m supposed to write on which is football is non-existing at the moment. But guess what, I have what to write today.

Let me also inform you that I have a little boy at home whose name is Alexis, he is so sweet and enjoys watching Dr Dolittle, I have no idea how he developed such attachment to the movie but he does and will watch that movie until I am done with this blog which he will then start kicking football with me. Fun right? That’s my son for you.

What is it that I am to write about this morning? Ehn ehn ehn ehn ehn….shit, I’m a f*cking idiot, I absolutely have nothing meaningful to write. This is embarrassing, to say the least, or maybe I should just end it here before I spoil your beautiful day, but that will make me an asshole and I don’t want to be an asshole because I hate assholes and assholes are irritating for being assholes.

I think I should stop being an asshole and do what normal people are supposed to be doing.

Our friends at the BusyBuddies reported this morning that the League Management Company are planning to complete the season in China. Yes, you heard me right. (hahahahahahaha) have a big laugh my friend, dis people no go come kill us.

Of all places, China? But wait, why am I even thinking of that and also considering such a bizarre statement and idea? I admire the LMC for the effort they are putting in ensuring we conclude this season, Akwa United supporters are still having a grudge that they might have won the title if the season wasn’t ended abruptly and Lobi Stars crowned champions in 2018.

According to the statement, LMC Chairman, Shehu Dikko says he would discourage any idea of declaring Plateau United champions but that the board is “considering plans to travel to play the final games in China [among other] options [to] ensure that no matter what happens, we complete the season and ensure we maintain the integrity of the NPFL.”

First of all, what are they smoking over there at the glasshouse?

Why China, why anywhere else apart from Nigeria and how are they even going to pull that off? Should we just laugh this off and call it a bluff? Is it political or are they any other reasons behind this?

Why not in Madagascar who has found a cure for the coronavirus? It will be safer there but will not be entertaining and profiting. Look, your guess is as good as mine.

Now, for the benefit of the doubt, he said they are “considering” playing in China “among other options.” The China talk has achieved it objective so to speak of generating topics in the media and I am writing about it and which is fine and we can see all the benefit that will do to the league, players, management, and organisers.

There is no way the league will be played in China and not televised, all of us will get to watch the teams play live and the officiating in front of the whole world will be spot on. But wait, China is yet to resume their football and also considering financial and health implications that could come with such a move, I think it will not happen.

Also, the LMC should consider the opinion and advice of Akwa United defender, Dare Ojo, who spoke exclusively to The Athletic NG, recommending a ‘Super Six’ tournament involving the top six teams and the winner will be declared champion, but that will not make provision for those in the bottom half.

If the option is left for me, I will easily choose the latter over the former or we wait till the coronavirus is defeated and everything returns to normal which will ensure normalcy returns to the world and we will all live happily together after.

# NPFL in China

That’s your lot for today, till tomorrow, stay at home to stay alive.


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