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I have been thinking about writing The Athletic NG Daily Column since the day this website was launched on Tuesday, April 7, 2020, that is precisely 13 days ago.

For me, I know it is a must to do this, not that I am compelled to, but it is one of the primary feature of this website. I got the inspiration from a daily blog I’ve been reading as an Arsenal fan since 2014, true confession, I can actually count days I’ve not read from the blog written by Andrew Mangan on Arseblog, a Robert Pires fan and a true Arsenal man.

Let me warn you, while I’ll try my best to write articles that will worth your time, I will also annoy you with some of my thoughts, beliefs and stand on issues, base on my perspectives. But at the same time, I will make sure that my views are devoid of bias despite the fact that I hate a lot of things which will be made public here and why I dislike what I like.

The Athletic NG is building a platform that puts its efforts into creating quality contents on what is happening in the Nigeria sports industry. The Nigeria Professional Football League, NPFL, needs serious attention and publicity, it needs our collective efforts irrespective of where in Nigeria you are coming from. The organisers while it is their responsibility to improve the standard of the league, which by now such objective should have been achieved when you look at the big bucks those guys are taking.

It is a slap to Nigeria and every football fan that a coach who won the league title with Enugu Rangers some years ago before he was fired for mediocrity came out openly to criticize the league of lacking quality players who can play for the Super Eagles. That is an insult to all of us, and Imama Amakpakabo who has failed in every national duty given to him, he has failed to look at the kind of coach he is, but wait… Imama can go and f*ck himself.

If you haven’t read the story yet, just click here and you’ll have the full gist of what Imama said. But while coach Imama should be sent to negotiate with coronavirus to leave all of us alone, let us look at what he said if there is any iota of truth.

To be honest, I think the man is right. When you look at the NPFL, it lacks the quality you will actually desire from a league of its standard. I think there are quality players in almost every team in the league that can play for the national team, but how are we going to discover these talents when basic things are not implemented. There so many questions that needs to be answered, a player of Nasarawa United, Chineme Martins slumped on the pitch of play a few weeks ago and died while he was rushed to the hospital.

There was no emergency team at the Lafia Township Stadium. Such an incident could have been prevented before the rushed response from the League Management Company which made it mandatory for match venues to have an emergency team should if issues like that occurs during a match.

How about players welfare and the contracts they signed. What about the welfare of match officials, what about the league instructing every team to have a vibrant media department like Vandrezzer FC in the NNL, some team’s in the top flight do not have a logo that can easily identify them, which automatically becomes their brand. From afar I can identify Enyimba through their logo, but for a club of that magnitude not to have a website, it’s really poor despite having a vibrant social media handles.

I don’t know of any other team in the NPFL with an official website aside from Akwa United. That is really poor, that lacks quality and prestige and on the scale of things, Imama was right after all.

This column will come every day so long as I am able to write. I will tailor my topics to cover our sports, but that will be me doing my job but I will also need you to comment below on what you think, suggest a topic for discussion, disagree with what I say and let us come to an agreement which will be to improve sports in Nigeria.

The Athletic NG is open to all, call us, send us an email, follow us on our social media platforms, subscribe to our mailing list, turn on the notification button to be alerted as we tell our stories, share and invite friends to also read. Like I found peace and pleasure reading Arseblog, even when Arsenal go completely Arsenal and produce heartbreaking results, I find solace after reading what Andrew has to say.

Trust me, you will find this column and this website very appealing, let’s create a community of our own here discussing sports our way while telling the truth and also seeking solutions to our embarrassing sports industry. I know we can do it.


I think I’ve gone on for a while now, it is quite a first day at work. We’ve started, the journey will never end in a hurry, because I no dey go anywhere.

Stay at home to stay alive and have a lovely day.

Till tomorrow.


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