WAR IN GLASS HOUSE! “Stop lying to Nigerians” – Baribote blasts Pinnick

Former chairman of Nigeria Premier League (NPL), and second vice president of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Victor Rumson Baribote has issued a warning to the NFF president Amaju Pinnick regarding Anambra State Football Association election.

Baribote made the claims in a voice note made available to The Athletic NG on Wednesday.

The former NPF boss said Pinnick is “lying to Nigerians” by meddling into the Anambra state FA elections.

“I listened to Amaju (Pinnick) carefully on TVC yesterday, but it is so unfortunate that with the kind of information you are holding, you can appear on national television to mislead Nigerians,” Baribote stated.

He continued: “He (Pinnick) said sporting activities have been suspended in Nigeria, so did you also remember that the same NFF through the league organised a visual meeting of clubs and adopted the PPG format? The same NFF directed national league to have their congress to decide no promotion, no relegation, the same NFF have now set up a caretaker committee to inaugurate the Anambra FA, forgetting that sporting activities have been suspended.

“Why are you misinforming Nigerians? The NFF is not your personal estate, you are holding the position in trust for the good people of Nigeria, so you must be very careful with whatever you do. There are differences between personal issues and official matters, if you have scores to settle with Ifeanyi Ubah, it is not through this way, I think the man deserves some respect. I have been chairman of a government-owned club and I own a club and I played in the Premiership, so playing in the premiership, I know what it takes or what it means, so people that provided the platform for you to be president of Nigeria Football Federation deserves some respect. You are to serve those people.

“Telling Nigerians you have control, the only control you have over your affiliates is to approve their siting when once you approve it, you don’t have any role, you don’t have the power to recognise or not recognise affiliate election, it is very clear. FIFA cannot recognise or not recognise the NFF and you are talking about your people supervising the election, your election in Warri, who supervised the election for CAF and FIFA?

“Stop lying to Nigerians please, you cannot deceive us, we all mature and intelligent people, you cannot be playing on the intelligent of Nigerians, those plans you have to deceive state governments you want to do this good to CAF, stop it, don’t use the Nigeria Football Federation to develop yourself. Bring people that can bring the gains of football administration to Nigerians, not people that will use football to develop themselves instead of the nation. So stop lying,” Baribote concluded.

Baribote’s voice note
Victor Baribote says Amaju Pinnick has no control over affiliate associations (Photo Credit: Best Choice Sports)
Victor Baribote says Amaju Pinnick has no control over affiliate associations (Photo Credit: Best Choice Sports)

NFF sets up caretaker committee

The NFF on Monday issued a statement constituting a 6-man caretaker committee to steer the affairs of Anambra State FA for the next three months.

The statement came less than 24-hours after the Jude Anyadufu led electoral committee set up late May concluded its task on Aug. 2 with a virtual election which returned Senator Ifeanyi Ubah, the incumbent chairman for the second term.

The NFF said the caretaker committee became inevitable following the expiration of the Ubah led board on July 28 and the inability of the electoral committee to conduct the elections.

“Recall that the tenure of the Board of Anambra State Football Association and the Anambra State Local Football Councils elapsed by effluxion of time on April 30 and May 2 respectively.

“Arising from the novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and the general lockdown, including football activities, the ASFA Congress was convened on April 28 leading to the extension of tenure of the Board and the LFCs, for another three months, which again expired on August 2.

“The Electoral Committee was unable to conduct elections into the Board of ASFA and LCF on July 27 in view of the Anambra State Government’s letter to the Electoral Committee complaining of the violation of the COVID-19 protocols of the State.

“Art. 85 of the NFF Statutes 2010 provides that ‘the Executive Committee shall have the final decision on any matter not provided for in the Statutes or in cases of force majeure.

“Consequently, the Executive Committee of the NFF in its wisdom, and in order not to create a vacuum do hereby constitute a Caretaker Committee for ASFA as follows: Emmanuel Okeke, Chairman and Victor Nwangwu, Vice Chairman.

“Others are Nonso Philip, Member; Charity Okonkwo, Member; Onyeabo Chimezie, Member and Onyedika Chijioke Secretary.

“The Caretaker Committee is to administer the activities of the Anambra State Football Association and also conduct elections into the Board of ASFA and LFCs within three months, effective from Aug. 4 to Nov. 2.


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